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Omiros is one of the great master painters of the 20th Century. 

His amazing energy and sense of freedom allowed him to accomplish an unimaginable body of work. He began his career in the early 1950's and remained an abstract painter throughout his life. However, he was a pioneer in the unconventional, flawless combination of abstract and thematic figuration. He held freedom of expression above conventions, societal norms and belief systems.

He believed Abstraction and Figuration are not incompatible, rather complimentary, where themes mold abstraction into figuration which in turn allows abstraction itself to become thematic.

Though mostly an abstract painter, his thematic works began with a complete overhaul of religious Byzantine Art with a modern expression of biblical themes from both the new and old testament. He then applied the same methodology to a variety of themes, in Mythology, Sports, Fashion, Zodiac, Dance, Historical Events, Animals and Insects, and so much more. 

Omiros always maintained the idea that unhindered freedom puts one in a place where artistic expression becomes pure. He called this space 'My Free Space', a mental space free from influences and conventions, where an artist alone in front of an empty medium, can tap into an unrestrained flow of creation.

Omiros was a master of colors who captured movement and emotions, making each of his artworks a dynamic masterpiece.

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